The Data Streaming Award for Innovation

The Data Streaming Award for Innovation

Ademen is a UK based organization specializing in Data-centric patient monitoring. They have a mission, to enable better healthcare to reach more people for less cost around the world. They have been given the innovation award this year for their incredible work developing a smart-stethoscope that uses high-frequency streamed data and real-time data processing.

Technologies Used:

  • Apache Kafka®
  • Quix

What problem was the nominee organization looking to solve with Data Streaming Technology?

Auscultation — the act of diagnosing a patient by listening to their body — can determine health information about hearts, lungs, bowels, and blood flow. But for most conditions, stethoscopes are only effective when used by physicians with the training and experience to interpret subtle differences in sound. These physicians have too many patients — many of whom don’t actually need their attention — and not enough time.

How did they solve the problem?

A wearable device monitors the patient and connects to an app, which brings data to the cloud. As soon as the data arrives in the cloud, the Quix platform processes it using Ademen’s digital signal processing and data science models. The results of the transformation from device data to visualizations, and the results from the applied algorithms, are then returned to the app via a Quix API. 

Positive outcome

While the app allows users to listen to the audio signal locally from the device, in much the same way as a traditional stethoscope, the benefits go much farther. Ademen’s product empowers community clinical teams to screen for and monitor health problems, which means specialists’ time is better used, and communication between patients, nurses, doctors, and specialists can be improved.


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