Eligibility and Criteria

What are the Judges looking for?

These are guidelines to ensure that you are focusing on the right things during the nomination process.

  • Innovation
    Show us how this team has come up with new ideas for the Streaming Industry, and their own industry.

  • Impact
    How has this project made an impact at their company, in their community, or on the world?

  • Interest
    Is this project interesting to people who are both Technical and Non-technical?


What companies are elligible to win these awards?

No Data streaming vendors

Data Streaming Vendors aren't elligible to compete for these awards, UNLESS they are using a Data Streaming Technology for project within their own company.

no company can win two

6 Different companies will win the awards. If a company is elligible for more than one award, they win only one of what the judges decide.

start ups are defined as

Companies that were started less than 5 years ago and have no parent companies.

Nominations for 2023 are closed!