credibility: choosing winners

Confluent, Credibility, and Choosing Winners

Confluent are organizing the logistics of the Data Streaming Awards for the entire Data Streaming Industry, and take seriously our pledge that the entire Awards process will be executed with two things in mind: Transparency, and Merit!

That's why, even though Confluent are organizing the Data Streaming Awards, the process will be designed to be fair for all Technologies within the Data Streaming space - from how we choose judges, promote nominations, and eventually have the winners chosen by an independent panel of judges who span businesses all around the industry.

Find out how we will ensure fairness throughout the process below.

Choosing Judges

The judges will be chosen, to complete a judging panel which has representation from many businesses directly involved with the Data Streaming Industry.

The idea for us, when appointing the judging panel, is to end up with winners who impress a wide variety of perspectives within the Streaming Industry.


We have and will seek to give companies across the industry the opportunity to promote nominations to their employees and communities!

This is to ensure that the nominations judges will be seeing, will come from a variety of spaces and communities.

Choosing Winners

No one but the Judges will be choosing winners. Each judge will be able to place votes, and will not have received indication of what other judges voted for previously.

However, once winners are confirmed, all judges will receive information about every vote cast by other judges, so they can see for themselves how winners were chosen in a fair manner.